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Meeting Location: off I-84 exit 35

60980 NE Frontage Rd. Cascade Locks, OR 97014

For assistance dial (541) 841-5341 to reach your host directly.

9am tours are due back at 11am. Noon tours at 2pm and 4pm tours at 6pm. If you’re more than 15 minutes late the fee is $.50/minute/bike. Avoid this by contacting us to upgrade to a half day for $20/bike or a full day for $50/bike. 4pm tours cannot stay longer than 6pm.

Starting your bike route:
Head Westbound and make your first left on the Historic Columbia River Bi-Way. Ride 2 miles to Horsetail Falls. Lean the bikes on the big tree next to the trail map and lock the bikes to each other via the frame (vs the wheel)

LOCK CODE: 23456

Multnomah Falls Ebike Tour Map Route

Stop One –

Horsetail Falls / Pony Tail Falls

Horsetail Falls
Type: Horsetail
Height: 176 feet

View of Horsetail Falls
10 Minutes

Named for its characteristic form, Horsetail Falls plunges 176 feet within view of the Historic Columbia River Highway’s “Waterfall Corridor.” Just east of the falls is a great picnic spot to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.

Upper Horsetail Falls
35 Minutes

Rating: Easy
Elevation Gain: 200+ feet
Distance: 1 mile round-trip
The trail from Horsetail Falls to Upper Horsetail Falls features views of the Columbia River Gorge. The trail enters a small box canyon and winds it’s way through a natural cave behind Upper Horsetail Falls, a unique experience. .

Next Stop: Ride 2.5 miles to the west to Multnomah Falls! Park bikes in the bike rack and refrain from riding around the plaza.

Stop Two

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls –
Type: plunge
Height: 620 feet

Benson Footbridge
20 Minutes

This landmark bridge at the base of the upper falls is iconic and can be accessed by a gradual and paved trail from the lodge. This trail passes the viewpoint of the lower falls and is accessible to all.

Multnomah Falls Lodge

The main level includes the Forest Service information center, a large gift shop and restroom facilities. The lower level includes kiosks for snacks and drinks, the upper level includes a restaurant.

Next Stop

Wahkeena Falls

Wahkeena Falls
Type: tiered
Height: 242 feet

Bridge at Base of Wahkeena Falls
30 Minutes

A short hike to the bridge at the base of Wahkeena Falls is an option that provides beautiful views. The elevation gain is 150 feet and the mostly paved trail passes through a beautiful burned forest

Return to Ebike Multnomah Falls, ride east 5 miles.

If you would like to continue your journey you can text (541) 841-5341 and request additional time, the cost is $20 for an hour or $50 to upgrade to a full day and return at 5pm.

*These further waterfalls will exceed tour time limit for the Multnomah Falls bike reservation. You need to check in with your host and pay for additional time if you choose to continue on. Extra time is not available at all times due to other reservations we may have. YOU MUST CHECK IN BEFORE PROCEEDING. (541) 841-5341

Next Stop: Ride 3.2 Miles to Bridal Veil Falls. Stay left at the Y. There is a bike rack by the bathroom. Walk the bikes there. Do not ride in the park and do not leave bikes in the parking lot please.

Again, stay left at the Y on your way to Bridal Veil.

Stop Four

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls
Type: Tiered
Height: upper falls: 60–100 feet
lower falls 40–60 feet

Bridal Veil Falls (Must Do)
30 Minutes

The trail to Bridal Veil Falls descends to the base of the falls where a viewing platform allows great views of the upper and lower portion of the falls.

Scenic Overlook Trail (NO BIKES)
15 Minutes

A level trail to the Pillars of Hercules is paved and features views of the basalt pillars that make up the formation. The rock formations can be enjoyed as an alternate or addition to the hike to Bridal Veil Falls. You will be ticketed by State Parks if you ride ebikes on the path in the park. It’s against Oregon State Law.

Sheppards Dell Falls

Ride 1 mile to Sheppards Dell Falls. Park the Bikes on the shoulder of the road and lock together.

Sheppards Dell Falls
Type: tiered
Height: upper falls 35–50 feet;
lower falls 40–60 feet

The two tiers of this falls can be seen from the bridge crossing at Sheppards Dell State Park. The lower falls is a horsetail formation and the upper falls is a plunge formation.

From the bridge you’ll see the original Sheppards dairy farm which was homesteaded and then donated to the state for the park you’re standing in.

Ride 1.2 miles to Latourell Falls. Park bikes in bike rack centrally located on sidewalk.

Stop Six

Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls
Type: plunge
Height: 249 feet

Latourell Falls View Points
15 Minutes

Look for the trail closest to the bridge. Guests may enjoy a short walk on a gradual gravel surface trail to the base of Latourell Falls. Allow 15 minutes round-trip. There is also a longer figure eight loop to the base of the Falls and continuing along Latourell Creek and then returning across the Latourell Bridge. Allow 25 minutes for this longer loop. Consult the trail map at the kiosk.

Return East 10 miles to Ebike Multnomah Falls and please remember to write a review. Reviews help our small business grow and we appreciate your support! Thank you for choosing Ebike Multnomah Falls.